Killaura is a very easy hack to detect, the hard part is to differentiate legit players from hackers.

The problem is that nowdays hacks can simulate players behaviour very well and "instant-detection" is not possible without having to risk to ban/kick legit players. This is because good legit players can reach an high CPS (click per second), fast mouse movements and jumping around.

Wraith will analyze the player for some time before actually taking action, so please don't judge the plugin saying "this plugin didn't detect killaura in 2 minutes, it's not working" but let it run.

For example: Try to join Hypixel (you may get banned, I don't take responsability) with killaura and check, you don't get instantly banned nor detected, it takes some time as they don't want to ban/annoy legit players.


I really suggest you to avoid changing configurations randomly, current configurations have been tested and work on normal survival / bedwars servers. So asking for support with a custom configuration will make things very hard to solve. Thanks!

Clients detections

This plugin (and also all other similar plugins) can't detect every hack/client in the world. Some experienced users are very good at hiding all their traces from the server, so keep that in mind.

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